Addressing Your Most Pressing Challenge: Talent

<p>By: Carol Abel, Vice President, Education, FMI</p><div class="mg-image–circular" style="float:right;margin:10px;"><img alt="grocery leader" src="" sf-size="100" /></div><p>According to <a href=""><i>The Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2022</i></a> report,
workforce and talent top the list of challenges facing the food industry. With a turnover rate of 48% among food retailers and a 29% turnover rate for suppliers, it&rsquo;s easy to understand why workforce is on the minds of so many food industry
professionals. We know that leadership is key to retaining talent and that is where the
<a href="">Future Leaders eXperience</a> and the <a href="">Food Retail Leadership Certificate</a> can help. Here&rsquo;s how:<br /></p><ul><li>FMI held focus groups with current and former food industry employees and learned that immediate/frontline managers can make a strong impact on employee satisfaction.
<p>&nbsp;</p></li><li>Our survey of <a href="">Food Retail Leadership Certificate</a> recipients showed that 64% of respondents indicated that the program, which first starts with the <a href="">Future Leaders eXperience</a>,
&ldquo;improved my skills to coach and help develop my teammates&rdquo; and 53% indicated that it &ldquo;improved my skills as a leader for my peers.&rdquo;
<p>&nbsp;</p></li><li>Retention of quality frontline leaders is also important and 98% of respondents indicated that they are still working for the same company as when they completed the <a href="">Food Retail Leadership Certificate</a>.
<p>&nbsp;</p></li><li>Most survey respondents (59%) indicated that they have increased responsibility and 48% indicated that they&rsquo;ve moved to a higher position after completing the certificate program. <br /></li></ul><p>I urge you to consider the importance of developing your leaders to both retain them and increase the satisfaction of other workers in your organization. <a href="">Future Leaders eXperience</a> Online classes start April 20
<sup>th</sup>.<br /></p><p><a class="button" href="">Future Leaders eXperience</a></p>


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