Innovations ease planting, seeding

What’s New From the Shows: These products make planting easier and more efficient.

You may have seen automatic air inflation kits for tractor tires. The system mounts on the rim and hubs, and you get automatic measurements on air inflation in each tire.

There is an air compressor onboard, and when going from the field to the road, tires will automatically inflate to an air pressure you’ve selected. Back in the field, they deflate to the most efficient operating pressure in the field.

Now, Michelin offers that type of technology through a subsidiary, and introduces it for your corn planter. It monitors the pressure in planter tires that carry lots of weight, especially in commodity or central-fill planters.

It can automatically adjust air pressure in planter tires for field or road, and as weight and load conditions change while plantingin the field. The equipment isn’t cumbersome, and achieving the correct operating inflation pressure should be a real plus for minimizing soil compaction.

This is only one of the new innovations for planters and seeders that companies displayed at recent farm shows. Several companies introduced new options in seed tanks, from the Kwik-Till tank and seeder offered by Norwood Sales, which fits on tillage equipmentto seed cover crops, to the seed tank that mounts on the front of the tractor to better distribute weight from B.B. Metalworks. APV also offers several styles of new tanks and seeders, including a unique unit for pasture renovation.

Look at all the new products related to planters in this full rundown. Information is provided with each one, so you can follow up and learn more about the products that interest you the most.

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