Peanuts, Sustainability (and Gold) in the Big Easy

In so many ways, this year’s USA Peanut Congress, hosted by the American Peanut Shellers Association and the American Peanut Council, was a distinct treat for us at The Seam. Our delegation hit the Big Easy to encounter mixed weather conditions but a warm and open reception at the Congress, where we delivered our insights and shared our value propositions around the continued evolution in approaches to growing and distributing this pivotal crop. 


It’s impossible to recap our very eventful week without a nod to our gracious hosts, New Orleans’ fabulous The Roosevelt Hotel, where the Congress was held in such breathtaking, golden surrounds. Our deepest gratitude to their entire staff for providing all of us with such excellent service and a beautiful backdrop for intensive industry discussion around more sustainable peanut production.


The Seam’s panel, including our own Chairman and CEO Mark Pryor, presented to a standing-room-only crowd for the American Peanut Council’s Sustainability Committee Meeting, having representation from all segments of the peanut value chain. A demonstration of our company’s agricultural sustainability platform, proudly used currently to power the innovative U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, was given, as was a future technology vision for a “whole farm” sustainability model – one that is at once farmer-centric and multi-crop.


A few other noteworthy sessions of the Congress included a tactical approach to addressing aflatoxin, a naturally occurring mold byproduct that can be remedied with proper growth procedures, and export trade challenges, many of which have received extensive press coverage over the past several months.


Guiding all of our agtech initiatives, The Seam’s key approach is to lower the burden of data collection on farmers, while also becoming the standard through consistency, efficiency, quality and integrity. We’re proud and delighted by every opportunity to share this mission.


If you missed the Congress this year, check out the photos below! We’ll be sure to post continued news and insights on our efforts to drive more efficient sustainable peanut products – and we can’t wait to join our partners and friends in 2022!

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