The 2023 Hurricane Season is Upon Us

<p>By Tom Cosgrove, Senior Manager, Industry Relations, FMI</p><img src="" style="float:right;margin:10px;" class="-align-right" alt="Hurricane Season 2023" sf-size="100" /><p>How quickly a year flies by! I&rsquo;m still having difficulty processing that May is almost over, let alone that hurricane season is just around the corner. </p><p>We know that no one in the food industry is immune to inclement weather. Hurricanes, in particular, can drastically impact operations across the entire food supply chain. Such drastic storm surges affect growers, manufacturers, transporters and stores
alike, implying that preparation makes good business sense. </p><p>To that end, FMI partners with Early Alert, a disaster preparedness organization imparting best practices and 24/7 global monitoring for all extreme hazards, including hurricanes. </p><p>On Thursday, June 1, 2023, Chief Meteorologist Brian Urbancic of Early Alert will walk FMI members <a href="">through an up-to-date forecast</a> to prepare for
the 2023 season.</p><p><a href="" class="button">Register</a> </p><p><b>Additional Early Alert Services</b></p><p>FMI partners with Early Alert to bring members a discount on Early Alert&rsquo;s Comprehensive Emergency Management Program (CEMP). This program includes:</p><ul><li>Situational awareness/critical decision support.</li><li>Incident management services.</li><li>Continuity services.</li><li>Access to a risk dashboard.</li></ul><p>Early Alert is offering a six-month free trail to their all-hazard reports to interested FMI Members. To learn more, contact <a href="">Pat Cunnane</a> with Early Alert.&nbsp;</p>


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