Your Customers Are In It For EVER

<p>By: Dan Ratner, Senior Director, Member Services, FMI</p><p><img src="" style="float:right;margin:10px;" alt="FMI brand video thumbnail" class="-align-right" sf-size="41604" /></p><p>It&rsquo;s my belief that members join and retain their membership in FMI for four powerful reasons, or put a bit differently, members are in it for E.V.E.R.:</p><ul><li>A quality positive <b><u>E</u></b>xperience.</li><li>Ever-increasing <b><u>V</u></b>alue. </li><li>Intentional <b><u>E</u></b>ngagement. </li><li>Consistent and reliable <b><u>R</u></b>elevance.</li></ul><p>You may recognize these needs as they are similar to the needs of your customers. </p><h5>In It For The Experience</h5><p>Similar to how food retailers and suppliers are driven to create the &ldquo;wow&rdquo; factor for shoppers, so too is FMI. FMI members expect a high-quality membership experience year after year, including communications that provide insights about the <a href="">latest trends</a> and innovations in the food industry. FMI regularly delivers <a href="">newsletters and updates</a> on a variety of issues and activities within the food industry. Timely responses to inquiries along with concierge-style service for all members, regardless of business size, is a hallmark of our association. Opportunities to attend <a href="">digital seminars</a>, in-person <a href="">conferences and events</a> and gain critical industry knowledge and best practices enhance the FMI member experience. </p><h5>In It For The Value</h5><p>Shoppers today are seeking value through grocery stores and products that deliver on their needs. Similarly, when a company joins FMI, every employee within that company gains privileges to a deep archive of food industry information and resources. <a href="">Recordings of digital seminars and webinars</a>, <a href="">videos</a>, and&nbsp;<a href="">infographics</a> are all at the fingertips of your entire team. With a visit to the <a href="">FMI store</a>, members can find research and insights valued at over $1,000,000, which is free for FMI members.</p><h5>In It For The Engagement</h5><p>Grocery stores today are cornerstones of local communities with local events, fundraisers, community service activities and more to engage with customers. Similarly, on <a href=""></a> you can find a list of 24 Industry Topics that cover a broad spectrum of issues. Each one of these topics has a community attached to it. <a href="">FMI Board of Directors appointed committees or policy committees</a>&nbsp;look at a specific subject area closely. Other communities like councils and forums provide an opportunity to be at the table for discussions about a particular topic.</p><p>FMI also has many <a href="">share groups</a> that allow independent operators to assemble and share strategies and tactics with similar companies that do not compete for business.</p><p>Events like <a href="">Supermarket Employee Day</a> provide opportunities to show recognition and gratitude to the local grocery heroes within the community.</p><h5>In It For The Relevance</h5><p>At FMI, our strong advocacy work on behalf of the food industry and working closely with federal and local policymakers is how we remain relevant. FMI proudly represents the industry on <a href="">priority issues</a> like credit card fees, workforce and labor issues, PBM reform, and supply chain/transportation resiliency. FMI also works with state retailer associations and tracks issues on state and local levels. </p><p>As a champion of food safety for retailers, the <a href="">FMI food safety</a> team works 24/7 to lead efforts to train food industry professionals and track recalls and alert retailers of impending issues. </p><h5>In It For You</h5><p>FMI knows our members are in it for E.V.E.R. and we will continue to strive to meet the needs of the food industry and exceed your expectations. Your participation and ongoing affiliation are important factors in providing a quality member experience, ever-increasing value, intentional engagement and consistent relevance to your food industry association. </p><p>If your company has not yet renewed its FMI membership for 2023, please complete and return your <a href="">renewal form</a> by the approaching February deadline.</p><p>To learn more about FMI member benefits and services, contact our membership team at <a href=""></a>. &nbsp;</p>


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